Welcome to the IC Clubhouse, the hub for information about the IC and Beyond the Tour.

The IC Clubhouse is a nod to tennis social history, where after weekend comp, everyone would gather for afternoon tea to talk and share stories, young and old, winners and losers. We may not be providing the scones or sandwiches, but we’ve created a welcoming place where every former player can come to connect with each other, through our common backgrounds in tennis, and shared history.

  • Go to the Player Lounge for events, activities, matches, past events and photo galleries.
  • Have a look at Baseline Blogs and Vlogs to see the latest from our Ambassadors, players and alumni members.
  • Former player and BTT member Karis Ryan brings us a series of fun video chats in Court up with Karis.

Catch up with what everyone’s doing – share your story too.