Karis Ryan is connecting with former players through her engaging chat series, ‘Court up with Karis’ for the International Tennis Club of Australia (IC).

Karis draws out the stories of life after tennis from her many and varied guests, who have been through the tricky transition of leaving the athlete identity behind and found other things.

The IC’s Beyond the Tour initiative was created to help support recently retired players as they go through the transition from pro tennis.
Karis is an IC BTT member herself, a former player and now working in media. Karis asks the big questions, but it’s a bright fun series that will leave you smiling.

From college tennis, to tour life and now working in player development at Tennis West, Emma Hayman shares her wealth of experience as a player and coach. Emma discusses with Karis the challenges for parents trying to navigate the many tennis pathways, and promotes the importance of educating players for life after tennis.
For more info on how Beyond the Tour is assisting players with their retirement, visit beyondthetour.com.au
Former Top 100 player and now tour Coach, Chris Johnstone reminisces with Karis on his career, who he rates as the best of his time, and the realities of coaching at the elite level.
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News out of California that Aussie legend Mark Woodforde and his family contracted coronavirus. Sadly Covid is rampant in the USA, but it’s still shocking to hear of it affecting those in our tennis family. From the IC community best wishes and virtual hugs to Mark, Erin and the girls for a full and speedy recovery.

As the spotlight on women’s tennis grows, this week Karis court up with Tennis Australia President’s Women in Tennis Scholarship holder, and attendee of the invite-only Next Gen High Performance Coaching Program, Marisa Gianotti. Marisa shares her transition from playing on tour to starting the Elevate Tennis Academy, and the importance of female role models for our upcoming juniors.

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Jonathon Cooper tried a few different careers beyond the tour, before realising coaching was the pathway for him. Join us as he shares how he made the move to coaching, how tour life helped him start his own business and why Jono believes kids should play tennis over other sports. Central Coast friends you can find him as the Head coach at Coast and Country Tennis at Gosford Tennis Club.

For more info about the International Club’s Beyond the Tour initiative, visit www.beyondthetour.com.au

Retiring from the tour following the 2020 Australian Open, Jessica Moore ‘Court up with Karis’ to share how her first few months of retirement have been.

Jess is one of three, newly appointed Scholarship Coaches as part of Tennis Australia’s Female Tennis Initiative, and discusses what she’s enjoying most about her new role and her advice for younger players.

For more info about the International Club’s Beyond the Tour initiative, visit www.beyondthetour.com.au

Darren Patten, co-host of Court Talk Radio shares his transition Beyond the Tour, the challenges growing up and playing in the country, and what he’d like seen moving forward in Aussie tennis.

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Former Women’s Tour Player and College Graduate, AJ Walters shares with Karis what she misses most about playing, her thoughts on the college experience, and what she’s taken from tour days into her new footy endeavours.

Players soon to finish high school and deciding on college, perhaps AJ’s advice can help in your decision. Feel free to share this video with someone you may know who could benefit.

For more info on The International Club and their Beyond the Tour initiative for retired players, visit www.beyondthetour.com.au

Dane Propoggia, Head Coach at Hunters Hill shares what he’s been up to since on tour, how he came to the decision to stop playing and his advice to students about playing professionally.

Jaslyn Hewitt- Shehadie shares what impacted her decision to leave the tennis tour, what life has involved since, and her advice to fellow parents on their child’s tennis development. For more info about the International Club’s, Beyond the Tour initiative, visit www.beyondthetour.com.au

Mark Hlawaty welcomed his first child, Holbrook Heather Hlawaty into the world last week. Mark ‘Court up with Karis’ leading up to the birth and shared what he’s been up to Beyond the Tour. A BIG congratulations to Mark, his partner Sally and their new beautiful family from all the International Club community.

Ashling Sumner shares how tour life helped prepare her for moving overseas, how interests outside of tennis were beneficial when she retired, and her advice to players who are preparing to leave the game. Melbourne friends you can find Ashling at Michael Logarzo Tennis. For more info about The International Club’s (IC) Beyond the Tour, visit www.beyondthetour.com.au

Launching now! The International Club’s Beyond the Tour is proud to present COURT UP WITH KARIS. Each week interviews with former players will land on our digital platforms, including our FB Page, Instagram @icbeyondthetour, and the International Club (IC) website https://www.beyondthetour.com.au/