Brisbane Cocktail Party 2021

In February 2021 Committee member and former player Sally McCann hosted a fabulous cocktail party at her Brisbane home. There were some familiar and new faces, with the guest list including former IC Vice President Ken Rosewall, and his successor Scott Draper. Others guests included IC Treasurer Noel Jensen, Committee members Dianne Evers and Nicole Keneally, Lexie Crooke, John Stevens, Gail Biggs, Max Bates, Graham Thams, Shane Barr and Geoff Voller. Michael Look, Michelle Jaggard and Rob Smeets enjoyed the IC hospitality, while recently retired player Gavin van Peperzeel was inducted into the IC under the BTT initiative, welcomed into the Club by the legendary Ken Rosewall. Thanks to Sally for hosting this enjoyable gathering for our Queensland members, and we’ll have more events in the sunny state soon!