BTT: Where are you located these days?

VE: 40 years in Melbourne, but still say I am from Sydney.

BTT: Are you still involved in tennis, if so what is your role?

VE: Never had a real job, been in tennis my whole life. Coach.

BTT: As a player what did you love about your job aside from hitting a ball?

VE: Travelling and friendships all over the world.

BTT: Can you share one of your favourite stories from tour life?

VE: March 1978. Ern Ewert and I were No.1 seeds (Doubles) and seeded in Singles in Satellite tournament in Albury. Both lost 1st round singles and had bad loss 1st round doubles to Stephen + Ed Myers!!! For some reason Ern had entered us in a tournament in Donald for that weekend, when we were supposed to be winning in Albury. Go figure. Then, Donald Ern introduced me to Mary McCormack. Three weeks later she was with me in Rome, I didn’t win a match for 6 weeks. We are still together (hopefully) after 42 years.

BTT: How hard was it for you to make the decision to retire from playing?

VE: Easy. Wasn’t winning enough to support 2 let alone 3!

BTT: Who supported you through the retirement process?

VE: My wife Mary McCormack, our children, work, tennis friendships.

BTT: Describe your first few years beyond the tour?

VE: Chaotic, busy, motivating, challenging, steep learning curve, family fulfilling…..

BTT: Are you still connected to many of your tour mates?

VE: Many. Most go back to Juniors before travelling overseas. E.Ewert, S.Myers, P.McNamee, D.Whyte, C.Kachel, S.Wright, T. Stone, J.Trickey, P.Campbell, C O’Sullivan..then little kids like P. Johnston, E. Myers, J.McCurdy, K. Barton, E. Little to name a few that come to mind ..then many others through the IC that haven’t seen for years but memories instantly travel back in time.

BTT: What is your advice for a recently retired player when it comes to life after tennis?

VE: Have a kid and get into Debt!! Instant motivation.  Use the sustainable competitive advantage that you have over most of the population – You have been a professional competitor, so compete in whatever you choose to do.

Thanks Vic, great advice….compete in whatever you choose to do